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Stage DFG TFG 425 430 435

Хидродинамички виљушкар 2,5 - 3,5t

  • 2900 - 7500 mm
  • 2500 - 3500 kg
  • Drive axle with maintenance-free wet-disc brake
  • Optimum visibility thanks to compact mast design
  • Electric parking brake for enhanced safety
  • Robust and efficient Kubota industrial motors
  • Functional and low-vibration workstation

DFG/ TFG 425/ 430/ 435

Our sturdy and efficient series 4 hydrodynamic forklift trucks impress with their high throughput performance for all kinds of transport tasks. Whether medium or long distance or extreme weather conditions – the diesel and LPG forklift trucks are reliable all-rounders, especially when it comes to outdoor applications. This is mainly due to the robust and durable Kubota industrial engines with a high-performance cooling system. The efficiency-optimised drive axle with a wet-disc brake ensures excellent braking performance. The compact lift frame with two viewing windows offers best visibility for fast and comfortable handling of loads. Minimised noise and low emissions are additional benefits of these low-maintenance vehicles. Hydraulic power steering for easy, precise steering, a generous footwell, optimally matched components and advanced operating technology enable focused and effective working.


Преглед модела

ModellMaximale  TragfähigkeitMaximaler Hub (h3)Fahr-
DFG 4252500 kg7500 mm18 km/h3617 mm
TFG 4252500 kg7500 mm19 km/h3617 mm
DFG 4303000 kg7500 mm18 km/h3768 mm
TFG 4303000 kg7500 mm19 km/h3768 mm
DFG 4353500 kg7500 mm18 km/h3863 mm
TFG 4353500 kg7500 mm19 km/h3863 mm

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