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Stage HC 110

Ручни палетар 1,0 t

  • 1.600 - 3.000 мм
  • 1.000 кг
  • Powerful 1.5 kW lift motor
  • Maintenance-free lead-gel battery without water refill
  • Built-in charger for easy charging
  • Guide rollers with foot protection
  • Mechanic foot brake for safe parking

HC 110

The versatile and economic electric hand stackers HC 110 are the perfect solution for occasional stacking operations. Additionally, they can be used as workbench. The operation of these semi-electric hand stackers is designed intuitively and simple. At the touch of a button, the needed height can be reached or adjusted. For the transportation of goods, the stacker has a long tiller and manoeuvring is supported by two ergonomic guide handles. The energy for lifting is delivered by a maintenance-free battery, which can be changed easily with the built-in charger at any regular electricity outlet. Naturally, safety is central in design and construction of the HC 110: The long tiller ensures a safe distance between operator and vehicle and the steering tyres are covered with a foot protection. The mechanic foot brake ensures a safe stand during stacking.


Преглед модела

Model Капацитет Висина подизања Укупна дужина Напон батерије
HC 110 (1600 mm) 1.000 кг 3.000 мм 1.720 мм 12 В.
HC 110 (2500 mm) 1.000 кг 3.000 мм 1.720 мм 12 В.
HC 110 (3000 mm) 1.000 кг 3.000 мм 1.720 мм 12 В.

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