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Stage GTE 106_212_312

E-Frame приколица 0,6 - 1,2 t

  • 1.200 кг
  • Robust, double-sided E-frame
  • Easy loading of trailers via trolleys
  • Reliable transport of different loads
  • Electrical connection (GTE 312) for high energy efficiency
  • High directional stability through the central axle

GTE 106/ 212/ 312

Our compact and energy-saving GTE E-frame trailers are robust trailers, which are ideal for the economical transport of loads up to 1200 kg per trailer. Whether tough applications, confined spaces or long tow trains – these vehicles accept almost any challenge. Safe and quick lifting is enabled by ergonomically picking up the trolleys in three ways: Mechanically, via hydraulic lift or via electrohydraulic lift. The flexible coupling system and the central axle for optimum directional stability allow precise work. The trailers cannot only be coupled as desired, they are also easy to load from both sides. High energy efficiency is guaranteed by the energy conversion directly in the trailer and the separate lifting and lowering of individual elements. Optimum ergonomics, high directional stability and time-saving operation turn every assignment into a success.


Преглед модела

Model Капацитет Брзина путовања Укупна дужина Напон батерије
GTE 106 600 кг 18 км/х 1.619 мм -
GTE 212 1.200 кг 18 км/х 1.619 мм -
GTE 312 1.200 кг 18 км/х 1.619 мм 24 В.

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