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Stage Trolley за GTE и GTP
  • 1.600 кг
  • Usable without the use of additional devices
  • Suitable for all Jungheinrich trailers
  • Available in different sizes and carrying capacities
  • Ball bearings and hard tread for low rolling resistance
  • Quiet and low-wear operation


Our handy and flexible trolleys are ideal for transporting loads up to 1.6 tonnes per trailer and are optimally matched to the Jungheinrich GTE trailers. The trolleys easily move large load carriers (LLC) from A to B, e.g. in a tow train loaded with pallets or pallet cages. The lift platform helps the trolleys to be easily and safely pushed into the trailers and lifted during transport. Low rolling resistance makes for quiet operations and precise lane guidance. Different sizes and capacities guarantee high flexibility in any application. The easy handling of the trolleys and the low effort required for manual reaching allow comfortable working. Besides our wide range of tow tractors, trailers and trolleys, we also offer you integrated tow train system advice to optimise your warehouse logistics to the maximum.


Преглед модела

Model Капацитет Укупна дужина
RW 0,6t 1200x800 600 кг 1.255 мм
RW 0,6t 1200x1000 600 кг 1.255 мм
RW 1,2t 1200x800 1.200 кг 1.255 мм
RW 1,2t 1200x1000 1.200 кг 1.255 мм
RW 1,6t 1200x800 1.600 кг 1.255 мм
RW 1,6t 1200x1000 1.600 кг 1.255 мм

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