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Stage Under Pallet Carrier UPC

Шатл за полицу 1,5 t

  • 27 мм
  • 1.500 кг
  • Collision-free stacking and retrieval of pallets
  • Flexible handling of different pallet types
  • Optimal use of space thanks to compact storage
  • Virtually any Jungheinrich truck can be used
  • Stacking and retrieval according to the LiFo and FiFo principle is possible

Шатл за полицу

Under Pallet Carriers that travel independently in the pallet channel form the basis of our shuttle compact warehouse system — a complete solution consisting of the channel racking, carrier truck and carrier. The advantages are clear: The shuttle moves independently of the carrier truck under the stored pallets in the channel. This type of rack operation requires fewer aisles and allows for the compact storage of more pallets across the same warehouse space. Stacking and retrieval can also be carried out according to the LiFo or FiFo principle. For maximum flexibility, different variants of the shuttle system allow the handling of various load carriers, such as Euro pallets or industrial pallets in the same racking system. Sensors automatically detect the size and position of the pallets and prevent collisions with other pallets. In order to offer the greatest possible protection to man and machine in automated warehouse operation, our UPC shuttles are optionally equipped with the PPS personal protection system.


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