Stage Патерностер полица
  • Fast access to all stored goods thanks to high circulation speed
  • Optimal use of space due to high-density storage and use of room height
  • Ergonomic design combined with extensive safety features
  • The paternoster racking has an impressive service life due to its robust technology which has proven itself over many years

Патерностер полица

Paternoster racking functions according to the circulation principle. Like a carousel, the items rotate towards the service opening, where they can be conveniently and safely removed by the operator. They can be tailored to your needs and enable high-density storage, be it in production or in the warehouse. The result is maximum storage space with a minimal footprint. Other benefits include high picking performance and circulation speeds, with quick access to all items being possible. Paternoster racking is useful wherever space or order-picking time is no longer sufficient with static storage. It can be connected to the Warehouse Management System through our Jungheinrich Logistics Interface at any time. It can be installed as free-standing carousel racking or connected to the structure of levels in the building, up to ten metres in height and with multiple service openings. The latest safety technology and optimum ergonomics make paternoster racking a reliable, user-friendly solution.


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