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Stage Полица која се угурава

Полице које се угуравају

  • Optimum use of space with dynamic block storage
  • Flexible expansion thanks to subsequent expansion options
  • Time saved through goods replenishing automatically
  • Shorter internal transport distances

Полице које се угуравају

Pushback racking is ideal when palleted goods of the same type are being put into compact storage in the warehouse. Unlike drive-through racking, goods are stored and retrieved from just one side. This reduces transport routes and also saves time and space. This type of dynamic storage is also often used for buffer channels. Pushback racking comprises racking uprights connected together to form a channel. The conveyors are tilted for particularly easy item retrieval, with the following unit moving up automatically. When stacking, units already stacked must be pushed up against the slope. There are usually three pallets in a rack, with the option of adding more. Stacking is typically done lengthways by forklift trucks or by using support arm stackers.


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