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Полица са више места за уске пролазе

  • Narrower aisle widths for greater utilisation of space
  • Direct access to all items
  • Flexible beam arrangement for high level of adaptability
  • Easy to erect with few components
  • Achievable with bay loads up to 45 t

Полица са више места за уске пролазе

Narrow-aisle multi-bay racking is a giant among racking systems. They are particularly suitable for large quantities of individual, mainly palletised items and can be flexibly implemented for bay loads of up to 45 t. These systems show their strength in situations where high throughput is required in a small space. They offer all the performance features of multi-bay racking, such as direct access and flexible arrangement of shelves, but require less space and enable extreme lift heights. These systems are characterised by their narrow aisle widths. The easy-to-adjust shelf supports and optional double-depth storage enable even more efficient use of the space available. They can be operated using rail or wire guidance, semi-automated or fully automated narrow aisle trucks and sometimes also stacker cranes.


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