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Stage Полица са више места за широки пролаз

Полица са више места за широке пролазе

  • Direct access to all items
  • Optimum ability to adapt to your needs
  • Easy to erect with few components
  • Free allocation of storage places
  • Easy to use

Полица са више места за широке пролазе

Wide-aisle multi-bay racking is the most commonly used racking system. It is ideally suited to storing large quantities of individual, primarily palleted items. Its strength lies in its versatility: It can hold a great number of containers of various dimensions and weights and offers flexible expansion. In comparison with block storage, wide-aisle racking offers the advantages of pressure-free storage and direct access to all pallets. The possibilities are virtually limitless when it comes to height: With automatic operation, the racking can be increased from the standard 8 to 10 metres to more than 20 metres. The easy adjustment of the racking beams ensures optimum use of your warehouse space. Double-depth storage is also possible. Depending on the goods, storage takes place using forklift trucks or rack operating equipment.


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