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Stage Полица са једним местом

Полица са једним местом

  • Efficient storage of items of varying heights
  • User-friendly order picking
  • Direct access to all items
  • Optimum use of space especially for pallet cages

Полица са једним местом

Single-bay racking is ideal for ranges with large quantities per item and for heavy goods. The accessible configuration of the load units means that the use of single-bay racking is always advantageous when order picking is done directly from the pallet or pallet cage. Operation can be manual or automatic – using either forklift trucks or rack operating equipment. The depth supports ensure that the stacking process is particularly fast and reliable. Direct access to all load units and secure stacking up to high lift heights are advantages for block stacking. You also maintain flexibility when it comes to space: Angle profiles arranged in the depth direction take on the shelf function, permitting extra space heightwise.


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