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Stage Улазна полица

Полице које се увлаче/ провлаче

  • High utilisation of space through compact storage
  • Easily expandable for maximum flexibility
  • Safe storage of pressure-sensitive goods
  • Suitable for large quantities of identical items
  • Especially suitable for seasonal warehouses

Полице које се увлаче/ провлаче

Drive-in and drive-through racking are ideal for storing large quantities of heavy goods with a low variety of items. They combine the benefits of block storage for high utilisation of space with those of racking storage for pressure-free storage. The load units are placed one behind the other on two continuous depth supports (also called pallet rails), resulting in a fixed sequence for stacking and retrieval. A forklift truck can drive in only on one side of drive-in racking, but can drive in on both sides of drive-through racking. Drive-in racking is therefore suitable only for the LiFo method, while drive-through racking is suitable for the FiFo method. Operation is solely by industrial truck. Sideways-seated stackers are particularly suited to this system as they also give the operator a clear field of vision when in reverse.


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