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Stage EZS 350

Стационарно вучно возило 5,0 t

  • 5000 - 5000 kg
  • Powerful and maintenance-free 3-phase AC motors
  • Intuitive operation thanks to multifunctional steering wheel jetPILOT
  • Safe cornering thanks to steer- angle-dependent curveCONTROL
  • Individual options for an optimal workplace
  • From the driver's position easily accessible coupling

EZS 350

With our robust and efficient EZS 350 tow tractor maximum ride comfort meets best performance and maximum safety. Its strengths are particularly evident in tow trains with tow loads of up to 5000 kg. As a harmonious system with Jungheinrich GTE trailers it can easily move larger and medium-heavy loads from A to B. The economical and powerful three-phase motor convinces with high performance, low consumption and efficient energy recovery through regenerative braking. Safe cornering is ensured by the curveCONTROL assistance system and the automatic parking brake with roll-back protection which secures tractor and trailer at standstill. Sophisticated ergonomics and technology enable safe and comfortable working. Effortless entry and exit, intuitive and gentle driving like in a car, practical one-handed operation, LED lighting and a wide range of individual customisation options – this is what an optimal operator seat looks like.


Са Jungheinrich литијум-јонском технологијом, можете бити далеко испред конкуренције: максималне перформансе са до 20% мањом потрошњом енергије. Три пута дужи век трајања. Изузетно кратко време пуњења. Без одржавања. Смањите TCO своје флоте кроз знатно мање оперативне трошкове.


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