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Stage EMC 110_B10 (1)

Електрична палетна колица за високо подизање 1,0t

  • 1.540 - 2.000 мм
  • 1.000 кг
  • Optionally available as wide tread version or with built-in scale
  • Powerful and maintenance-free 3-phase AC motors
  • Multifunctional tiller head for ergonomic work conditions
  • Crawl speed with upright tiller
  • Simple recharge with built-in charger

EMC 110/ B10

The flexible and robust electric pedestrian stackers EMC 110/EMC B10 excel with their versatility. Due to their very short chassis length as well as a low overall weight, they are ideal for occasional stacking and transporting of goods in confined spaces, elevators or intermediate floors. The powerful and maintenance-free drive motor with 24-V AC technology creates perfect conditions for fast, efficient and economic transportation of goods. The innovative multifunctional tiller head with its intuitive design for right- and left-handed operators alike also features a crawl speed button for very slow manoeuvring with an upright tiller. This increases agility in confined spaces. When it comes to battery management the EMC sets a high bar. The maintenance-free 70-Ah block batteries can be charged at an 230-V power outlet thanks to the built-in charger. The battery discharge indicator displays the charge status of the battery constantly. 


Преглед модела

Model Капацитет Висина подизања Брзина путовања Укупна дужина Напон батерије
EMC 105 500 кг 2.000 мм 5 км/х 1.685 мм 12 В.
EMC 110 1.000 кг 2.000 мм 5 км/х 1.685 мм 12 В.
EMC B10 1.000 кг 2.000 мм 5 км/х 1.685 мм 12 В.

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