Stage EFG 535k_540k_540_545k_545_550_S40_S50

Виљушкар cа четири точка 3,5 - 5,0t

  • 2480 - 7500 mm
  • 3500 - 5000 kg
  • Optimised energy efficiency thanks to PureEnergy concept
  • Best visibility thanks to compact lift mast
  • Safe battery replacement without crane
  • Flexibly customisable operating concepts
  • Ergonomic workplace for more productivity

EFG 535k/ 540k/ 540/ 545k/ 545/ 550/ S40/ S50

Our powerful and robust series 5 electric four-wheel forklifts are the ideal vehicles for heavy indoor and outdoor operations. Thanks to smart mounting options, individual attachments can be fitted for transporting almost every kind of loaded goods. With our PureEnergy technology concept, these high-performance forklifts get the work done with optimum energy and cost efficiency. Based on test results according to VDI cycle, they consume up to 20 per cent less energy than comparable models, when reaching their maximum handling capacity. The dynamic parameter steering, the compact lift mast with extended field of vision and intelligent controls that adapt to each driver and utilisation profile allow full performance with every ride. Various assistance systems and optional features guarantee safe and efficient work – even under extreme conditions. The ergonomically perfected series 5 EFG are high-performance power horses for demanding logistics operations.


Са Jungheinrich литијум-јонском технологијом, можете бити далеко испред конкуренције: максималне перформансе са до 20% мањом потрошњом енергије. Три пута дужи век трајања. Изузетно кратко време пуњења. Без одржавања. Смањите TCO своје флоте кроз знатно мање оперативне трошкове.


Преглед модела

ModellMaximale  TragfähigkeitMaximaler Hub (h3)Fahr-
EFG 535k3500 kg7320 mm18 km/h3827 mm80 V
EFG 540k4000 kg7320 mm17 km/h3818 mm80 V
EFG 5404000 kg7320 mm17 km/h3962 mm80 V
EFG S404000 kg7320 mm17 km/h4102 mm80 V
EFG 545k4500 kg7320 mm17 km/h3818 mm80 V
EFG 5454500 kg7320 mm17 km/h3962 mm80 V
EFG 5505000 kg7320 mm17 km/h3962 mm80 V
EFG S505000 kg7320 mm17 km/h4102 mm80 V

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